Monday, October 8, 2007

domesticated Chad

Not many people know, but Chad is quite the baker! He can make some amazing bread and honey butter. Last night he did 'the braid' and then we totally loaded each bite with the honey butter. What a stud huh?? (he ended up cutting it up into thirds to fit in the oven) Think that is impressive? You should try his oatmeal cookies...ok so now I'm bragging;)


Meredith said...

wow... i never knew the bro was a baker..... he'll have to do a little cookin' when we're out there.... maybe he can teach Marco a thing or two

Anonymous said...

Man of many talents huh? That's awesome! Send me your recipe for honey butter!! I love it so much, but have not a clue how to make it (unless you just add honey to butter and stir??). I can't believe it snowed there already! I am not jealous! :) Love you sis!

A little Birdie... said...

Um, I thought you promised me bread?! :)