Thursday, October 4, 2007

Its a girl!!!

Our little baby is officially a she! We went in for our ultra-sound apt. today and found out that we are having a baby girl! Her name will be Lily (Paige is semi-tentative middle name) Meynders.

She is moving a LOT lately, she has been for a several weeks now but as of late she is constantly having a party in there, when ever shes moving and Chads around I just look at him and say "its party time"

As for me, I am feeling SO much better! I haven't thrown up in about a month and I have an appetite more weight loss!wooo hoo! Today was the the first apt that I have put on some weight...kinda exciting (never thought I would say that!)

So People have been wondering about my school situation, here it goes: currently I am taking 21 credits, working a little, and interning at the health department. Why the crazy load? So I graduate in December! Which is perfect cause Lilly comes around February 3rd.

Chaddy the daddy is just as busy as me...20 credits, working, interning, studying up on MBA schools, and cramming for the GMAT that he takes the end of this month..... crazytown.
So thats the up-date on our family of 2 & 1/2!


Meredith said...

Yay!! i'm so excited... she is going to be a BEAUTIFUL baby!!

Unknown said...

Yeah!! Girls are the best! I'm so excited you have a blog so I can keep up with you now. By the way, you are like the cutest prego person ever! Make sure you check out my blog

Brianne said...

Congratulations! I agree with Kelsey that girls are the best. Kelsey told me about your blog so I had to come check it out. You look so cute! You can see pics of our baby girl at