Saturday, February 2, 2008

how it all went down.

So I promised that when I got time and it wasnt too painful to sit on a chair for a long period of time that I would fill you all in on everything. Where to begin?.....

Friday I had my final apt. with the doc before my induction schedualed for the next day just for a check up and go over everything that would be happening. Like after a hour of talking with the doc we werent quite positive we wanted to do the induction, just cause the chances of a c-section are about 30% with an induction, basically cause the body is not ready. So I call Chad and he literally runs from campus to the doctors office (I had the car) and the doctor stayed with us for another long while, while the office is totally closed and its getting dark mind you. It all came down to that if we were going to be induced on Sat. then I would need to go in that night and get 'the balloon', its a catheter they stick in the cervix to aid in dialation. So I would do that all night or until I am dialated enough (they pull it out when you are about a 4) while on a pitocin drip and wait for the baby to come...Or we were to wait a week. We prayed about it and felt really good about the induction and went for it.

So friday night we went in, and started this whole mess:) The balloon totally works, and is totally painful, they totally gave me narcotics to help the cituation. So the balloon was in from about 9pm to about 4am. I got my epidural at 5am and oh what a glorious thing that is! Then late morning/early afternoon I developed a 'hot-spot' an area where the epidural doesnt really work, it was on my left side around my hip area. That totally sucked, big time. By mid afternoon I was almost fully dialated and fully in pain. Totally did the whole shaking/puking/crying/praying thing from the pain. I pushed for about 1.5 hours and Lily Belle Meynders was born at 6:01 pm.

Talk about amazing. All that pain was so worth it....dont plan on doing it again for a while but it was awesome. She came out 8 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches long and with hair! During the whole process she swallowed a buncha amniotic fulid so they took her away and suctioned a ton of gunk out, I got to kiss her and then the her and Chad were off to the nursery to get her O2 stats up and her a little bit more healthy. About an hour later she was back and I got to hold her for the first time. It was amazing, I couldnt believe she was mine.

We stayed in the hospital until Monday morning and during the few days stay we had a ton of visitors which was so fun to show off our little girl! My mom got here Sunday morning and was able to stay with us until Firday. She was so much help! We really tried to do alot our selves so that when she left we wouldnt be in total shock with the loss of the grandma help. It was so nice to know that she was there to take her so we could get a few hours of sleep, to change her or teach me how to feed her, or bathe her....well yeah the list goes on and on.
We have breast feeding almost down, I am SO glad cause this is somthing that I have been stressing over since day one. I am a huge advocate of breast feeding but know that a lot of girls arent able to produce and stuff and I was so worried that I would be one of those girls. But with lots of help from my mom and the sweetest lactation consultant me and Lily are doing it! We are not pros by any means but shes not going hungry and Im just a little sore:)
So how its just our little family. I love LOVE LOVE being Lily's mom. It is just amazing, I love her so much and I am already sad shes already a week old! I cant believe it. Shes just so tiny and cuddly and so fun to watch, her facial expressions, her noises, her flailing arms...just so fun. She also has a sence of humor cause it seems that everytime I go to change her she explodes mid-change, which means another outfit and funny. I am sad to have her get older and older every minute but I am also SO excited to see her grow and develope and get more of her own personality. Being a mom is awesome.


Amiee said...

She is so adorable Rachel. Good job with the labor! Glad you didn't have too many problems. You're definitely grow up fast! Enjoy her being 1 week old and sleeping a lot. It's a great thing, but then again, it only gets better. :)

Brianne said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful!

A little Birdie... said...

Welcome to the WONDERFUL world of being a mommy! Its the best!

jenn gent said...

Reading your story brought back so many memories! You'll be glad you wrote them down. It's funny how fast it all fades.

Being a mom is great! Enjoy every moment. Keep a journal and/or take lots of pictures. It makes it (somewhat) easier for them to grow up when you can read/look back how things used to be.

She is so sweet!