Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lily is 4 weeks old!!!/Jess Kettle shout-out

A horrid pic of me, but this is Lily about 30 minutes old, note the little bruises on the side of her face from the forceps used to yank her out of there:(
This is Lils today, she is officially 4 weeks old!!! Shes so big its amazing what 4 weeks does. When shes not dirty, or hungry, she tends to like hanging out on the boppy which has been so nice cause it allows me to get a little done during the day for a few minutes until she gets lonely
This is my shout-out to Jess, we went to the Snake Bite for my b-day dinner last night (in old down town IF) and next door to my favorite restaurant is this WAY cute, shabby chic decor little store, and I had to take a few pics for you, cause I know that its your style:) Sorry the pics aren't that great, it was snowing and night....just goes to show that even in the most...boring area there are few diamonds in the rough:)

This is Lils and Chad taking a nap, when I got out of the shower this is how I found them, the camera was too slow to catch it, but they were posed exactly the same, she had her hands behind her head like Chad and everything, SO dang cute, cant even stand it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, look here

Carly said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! And you look so good in that first picture i didn't believe you that it was only like 30 minutes after she was born! You all look great!

A little Birdie... said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!

LinnieBell said...

i LOVE lemon meringue!! i would ALWAYS go there whenever I was in idaho falls!!