Thursday, April 3, 2008

guilty pleasures

April invited all to spill their guilty pleasures....

1)icecream, oh my. honestly could eat a gallon and it totally not phase me. when it comes to desserts...there is no self control.

2)big chunky jewelry...the bigger the earrings the better!

3)basically anything on Bravo! I LOVE project runway, America's next top model, and yes even real housewives of NYC...apparently I enjoy watching other people live their lives while I sit..and do nothing:) I guess reality tv does it for me.

4) this one goes with #3, I dont know why but I love the celeb gossip magazines...I always make fun of them but its like a train wreak...I just cant look away.

5)new music, I love discovering new artists. I could spend millions on itunes...not exaggerating. I really like 'angry chick bands' as Kathleen and I call them, I secretly want to be in a chick band, have a Mohawk and just rock;) Mallory and I would dream together about what our band would be like...I think I'd play bass or drums...

6)Urban Outfitters and Anthropology, oh my goodness, I could spend millions there...well maybe not millions but a lot, I LOVE those stores. I really just like funky/modern/vintage looks.

7)Kelly Clarkson, Ashley Simpson...yeah I know...such a nerd.

8)red shoes.

9)getting my hair cut, its too bad I'm trying to grow it out, seriously its so hard for me not to get it chopped like every other week, I LOVE funky short hair, with crazy colors.I want to go to beauty school real bad, and I honestly plan to later on in life.

10)anything new and i get to open them for the first time, peanut butter, sharpie name it, its fun.

so now you know my guilty pleasures here are some pet peeves:

when cartoons and humans jam...i'd rather eat my foot than watch that.

the sound of people chewing and swallowing, for some reason, my skin just crawls.

when dishes are done and the sink is still dirty...honestly clean it out.

when people text and talk to me, or drive...I have seen multiple car accidents caused by some fool texting and driving.

So welcome to my world! now you know my loves and yours too k?


April said...

That's fo funny! I am exactly the same way when it comes to opening a new jar of peanut butter! I guess we're both a couple of weirdos!

Kelsey said...

I love the Real Housewives of NYC too! It's way better than the Real Housewives of Orange County.