Monday, May 5, 2008

soccer time!

honestly it KILLS me to be watching soccer and not playing...but when you have someone so cute to distract you its not so bad:)
we sat in the car for a little while cause it was kinda windy
apparently she had a lot on her mind.

Chad probably had his best game yet, he had a hat trick plus one! (4 goals) it was awesome, since hes a big dude no one expects him to be fast, but this big dude can haul! It was a great game to win since the other team was all cocky and trash-talky.
it was fun to hear people on the side lines commenting on how good chad was playing, i just wanted to yell "thats my husband!!:)"


Brianne said...

Lily is so darn cute! It was fun to see you yesterday, even if the circumstances weren't so happy.

Carly said...

What an angel face Lily is!

Nicole said...

Hey Chad. I wouldn't be suprized that he is fast. Chad is amazing.... It looks so green there!!! I want to leave!!!