Thursday, June 12, 2008

ol' man knutson

my little brother Scotty turned 16 today!!!!!! I can not believe it! he is old, and there for I am so old. I asked him if he was taking any hot babes on any dates and he said 'totally!' and then when someone said 'sweet sixteen, never been kissed' his reply was 'working on it!' ha! hes so funny, so cute and basically can make me happy just thinkn bout him!
here he is being sung to at Red Robin, why must they do that???
here is Chad, in 4 month girl form.


Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

Is that really Lily? I think you photo-shopped chad's head on lily's body. She is getting so big! And alert. Sad she won't know who I am until she is old enough for me to buy her the COOLEST toys ever and so she will love me the best.

A little Birdie... said...

Well I just had a GREAT morning laugh! HOly cow that is the greatest thing ever. I think you shoudl take a picture of chad now, and then take that picture and put them side by side because it seriously looks just like him but with pink pjs. Love it!

P.S. Sorry I don't comment as much. I have google reader which doesn't let you comment. Basically I'm saying I'm lazy. But I still love you!

April said...

Totally, they look exactly alike! That is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm pretty sure I just pooped my pants laughing so hard about mini-Chad.

Jessica Kettle said...

what the heck! I can't believe that picture! Haha! Did she suddenly decide to turn into the mini-chad or is it just that pic? What a crack up! I seriously had to look at it for a sec to make sure it was really her head and not his! haha!