Monday, July 28, 2008

the dealio

This weekend we went down to Salem OR to move all our stuff in to our new apt. All our belongings are now in our cute little place, and we are here in Bellingham WA just chill'n for the next four days while Chad works.
 ***So B-ham friends, if you want some Meynders time, give me a call because its limited***
We totally dig Salem though, or Sah-leem as I call it. Really good feel to the town, its twice the size of Bellingham so about 140 thousand people. Its pretty similar to B-ham too, its got some cool, older parts with lots of character and then there are newer parts too. Our apt is a townhouse really, its tall and narrow:) down stairs there is a small kitchen, dining/living room area and a 1/2 bath, and then up stairs there is  a small bedroom (Lily's) and a big bathroom and then our room which was surprisingly big. We even have a little patio thingy with a creek behind it so I think we are going to like living there for the next year. Its also really close to stores, like walking distance to anything I need. I am going to miss Bellingham, its just the perfect town. But I am really excited to move to a new place where we dont know anyone, or anything really about the town. Lots of exploring and meeting new people to do.
 So yeah we are in Bham til Thursday and then Friday morning we head to Issaquah and chill w/ the cousins so we can caravan to Sand Point, ID on Saturday. I seriously am SO stoked for Sand Point, to be in hot weather, with wonderful family and just all around have good fun. 
A side note, one of be best friends ever Joy Jackson had her baby today almost 2.5 weeks early, and I am so sad that cannot be there to hold baby Zachy, I wanna sneak myself in someones suitcase and fly to see them and see another one of Lily's future boyfriends...Lily Jackson...definitely has a ring to it.


April said...

What?! I can't believe you guys are already leaving us, but I totally get how moving away and having a new adventure in a new place would sound exciting! By the way I read your testimony on the side of your blog for the first time and felt the spirit so strong, thank you for that little boost today, it was so beautifully put!

Me and My Boys said...

hey if you have time were here for awhile and would love together with you guys give us a call. 253-970-4492

Johnny and Eirian said...

How exciting to start the new chapter of your lives in Salem! Good luck Meynders!

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

Yes, find a way to get here! Zackary wants to see you and make out with Lily. (don't tell chad)

Tif said...

...Salem, huh? Guess we're neighbors now! Time to get to know each other, maybe!

Seriously, though...I have something I wanna discuss with you, but it's a little...hmmm...emailish...or something...

So yeah, we should get together once you guys are settled down here. Salem's not THAT big, so we can't live too far apart. Not more than a bike ride away or something!

I'll find a way to get your email addy from Meres or something, I think.