Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a gift.

I am sitting here ripping seams out of a crib sheet to make a receiving blankie for Tasha (who is having a 24hr labor like me as we speak...yuk!) and listening to gen. conference. Its the October 2004 Sat. afternoon session and the choir is a primary choir. SO sweet, I was sitting here trying not to cry cause there was such a sweet spirit with their little voices singing 'I Feel My Savior's Love'. I was listening to the words and thinking how my little Lily is just so fresh from heaven, she was just with the Savior, and it made me wonder if she misses Him? Then it made me realize I really have to make my home as loving and peaceful as I can so that she will feel as at home as possible, I dont want her to get too home-sick:) She really is a gift, Lily has blessed our lives more than we could have ever hoped for. I love being a mom, I know I say that alot, but thats not going to change, its the best!


Meredith said...

she really is so precious. it was great to see you guys again last night... i'm going to miss you when you're not so close.

Ryan, Sheena, and Riley said...

Amen sister!

kaitlyn said...

This is such a sweet post... you brought tears to my eyes. I totally feel the same way. It is definitely a challenge to do so, but you guys seem like such great parents, I am sure she is not homesick!

By the way, I totally stumbled upon your blog today while "blog-surfing" and couldn't resist to comment, hope you don't mind. I am totally excited to have a new blog to read! :)