Tuesday, September 16, 2008

here i am

so here i am, bored. i have options for things to do:
blog stalk
make cookies
work out #2 for the day (gold gym is 24 hrs!)
work on my quilt
put away laundry
start the dishwasher
email people
watch some office
write in my journal
de-clutter the room i am sitting in
text people
not eat carrots
but here i am listening to chad's pandora which tonight consists of jimmy eat world-esc tunes with many bands that i am familiar with and lyrics that i know, and some that basically sound like all the others. and am reminded how alter-ego is a rocker in an angry chick band, preferably with a mohawk.we talk to each other with approx. one office quote per/ paragraph. he will intermittently complain about the assignment that he is working on (but all half heartedly because he loves school) and i will pretend to listen while i am thinking how glad i am NOT to be him, and not doing school things. we smell something burning and i have to convince chad that its not his leg hair from his over heating mac book resting on his knees. i am bored but i am pretty content, life has been really good to me lately, but then its never been bad to me either. maybe its one of those nights i should be enjoying my sleeping baby and nothing to do? or maybe ill make a list of things to do for tomorrow. i have also completely decided that i am phone-talker-hater. i absolutely do not like talking on the phone, i would much rather write a letter, text, or talk face to face. why this phone phobia? but i really do dread sometimes when my phone rings, and when it does i usually yell "not it!" in hopes that still works. so for all of you out there, sorry if i am awkward on the phone, dont take it personal, im just a weirdo apparently.
wow this is a completely random and boring post, especially for one who doesnt like posts unless there are pictures. hope not too many of you wasted your time in reading this.


A little Birdie... said...

Well I thought I phone convo went pretty well yesterday. I feel special. :)

Jeff, Traci and Kaden said...

I'm not a phone person either. I always feel like I'm distracted by something else during a conversation, like I cant give the other person my full attention, and end up feeling bad for the person I'm talking to.

Carly said...

Haha I am a phone-addict unfortunately. :)

kaitlyn said...

how is lily doing with the gym day care? any tricks? i too, go to gold's and the few times i have taken her there have turned into disasters where i still had to pay for an hour even though she was only there five minutes.

also... check out Body Combat if they have it there. it is my all time favorite class!!! your whole body is sore

i am also an awkward phone talker.