Saturday, September 20, 2008

move over Lance.

Today we rode our bikes to Minto Brown Park to pick desert, AKA blackberries for cobbler! Isnt Chad a stud? pulling Lily, diaper bag, and berries?
I noticed on our bike ride, I am kinda a sass to dogs, they would bark at us as we rode by and I of course bark back, poor things didnt even have a chance to argue back, we were riding too fast, basically we are blurs on the road.
she is SO stoked
we made it! celebrating with a kiss
stretching the the ol' legs
She LOVED riding around on the front pack, took a while for her to look up, cause my feet peddling apparently was much more fascinating than the beautiful leaves falling about us, the birds and people. It got kinda tricky, cause when she would flail (as we all when excited), her legs would kick mine...peddling was hard, cause i had to hold her legs in between mine and peddle at the same time.
made it home safe, Lils worked so hard sleeping the way home. Apparently happy about it too. And the ride home was ALL up hill, we have the back sweat to prove it.


Brandon and Jennifer said...

good job guys! Maybe I should get out and do something active.... perhaps I will

Becca said...

Such a cutie! I can't believe how grown up she is getting. You guys are good examples of being active!! Something I need to be more of, so thanks! You prove it's possible with a baby!!

Tif said...

You're my hero-biking to that park! We love that park because of the trails but I think biking there with the girls is a long ways off for me! And wow...never seen a baby in the front pack on the bicycle before! Cool!

Southern Belle said...

Those baby carrier things are so heavy!!! Good job Chad!