Saturday, September 27, 2008

new way to sleep

for her nap the other day, I let her cry for a few minutes and when she was asleep I went in to go check on her, she totally fell asleep sitting up! so cute, I had Chad reposition her. Then today she did the whole lay on her tummy with the bum up in the air thing. She is turning into a 'big' baby!


Krista & Tyler said...

I love the way she's sleeping-I did some really funky moves when I was a child; since Ty's a pro-break dancer, I can't wait to see what our kids come up with! haha

Anyway, the much-less-than-fearless-leader is going to school for Medical Research. I get to take my boards next September and graduate at the same time as well. Its a part of the medical school at the Univ of Utah; so I'm not sure if I walk in May with the rest of the Medical School or the following year. I'm always in the mix! haha

I LOVE Chad's blog about you. AGH! I miss you guys so badly!!! Rach, you're amazing, lets face it. Chad, you're one lucky, smart, son-of-a-gun. Thanks for talking to me all those random times in the parking lot in the Benson. I needed it. Lils, you have the best parents ever. Print this out and put it in her baby book so she'll always My mom gave up on those after the first of us haha

Sarah said...

That is so precious!