Tuesday, September 9, 2008


our household has a cold. Me, Chad and Lils. bleh. Lils and I are on the edge of being done, Chad, thinking he was going to get out of it was slammed today with the pressure and stuffiness. So he downed some NyQuil and with in 10 minutes is OUT. Lils on the other hand...I was trying to let her cry like usual, but I feel too bad to when she is a sickie. So after about 15 minutes of her screaming I rocked her and sang "I am a child of God". One bonus of her being sick? she is snugly, so I sang and she fell asleep. Go to the link and listen to it, and read the lyrics if you havent heard it. The words are so beautiful, with out fail when I hold her and she is so peaceful in my arms I cry. She is such a gift from God, so fresh from Heaven. More motivation for me to make my home more and more like Heaven so she doesnt get too homesick:) having a baby in the house is seriously the best motivation to be a better person.
I am a child of God, and He has sent me here.
Has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear.
Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help my find the way.
Teach me all what I must do, to live with Him someday.


April said...

I LOVE how much you are enjoying being a mom, Lily is such a lucky little girl!
I love that song too mostly because my boys love it so much. Paden is so cute at night he sings it to himself in bed!!

Tif said...

Isn't that song great? I keep meaning to get a video of my girls singing it together-they've got a few interesting interpretations of some of the words, but it's still cute! That song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it now-my mom, dad, our bishop and his wife all sang it while Taela was taking her last few breaths in my arms. It's a very special song.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Thanks for the article! It kind of makes me wish I wouldn't have deleted that fat people blog now so I could expand on it hahaha.

Lily is adorable! I love your blog!! Love you sis!

kaitlyn said...

i love it when you post these posts. i remember the first time i sang that song to blaine when she was like 5 days old. i bawled my eyes out, a song that i had sung my whole life, i finally realized what it really meant....

Jeremy Saunders said...

OH I love hearing the primary children sing that song with such innocence and zeal, eyes closed,without hesitation. Such a simple song with such a powerful message!
Thanks for motivating us to be a little better!

Brandon and Jennifer said...

ah... I hope you all feel better soon

Sarah said...

We are sickies in our house, too. Well, at least Spencer and Sophie are. I'm crossing my fingers. Hope you guys feel better soon!