Monday, October 20, 2008

dearest jeans,

I have held on to you for over 2 years even though I could not wear you. I bet you were so lonely, but I never gave up on you, and you never gave up on me. Today I bested my fears and tried you back on....and you so graciously fit me!!! Can I just say I am so excited to be reunited? Here's to being hot.

{This post is dedicated to my sister Jess, for buying me the gift card to express years ago to buy these favorite jeans of mine. My jeans and I thank you.}


Cory, Heather and Isaac said...

Yay you!

And BTW, I made those pumpkin bars you posted. I owe you 10 lbs. Thanks.

Todd and Joy said...

It feels like you are holding me above your head in that picture. Sort of like I'm 5 again...So thank you jeans for letting me feel like a kid again. Those are some wicked awesome jeans.:)
p.s.we are going to Oklahoma for

Kaitlyn said...

Congrats!!!! What a great feeling. You are doing and looking amazing!

Tif said...

Great job on the jeans!

I went to school in Rexburg...alas...I cannot credit the burg with any of my liguistic skills. I'm pretty well self taught. I took German in HS and excelled. To be modest. Once you get German down you can really go from there. Dutch and Flemish are soooo closely related to each other once you know one you know the other and they're both so close to German, that I've got them covered. The French I can infer from english, a bit of spanish I picked up from the berry fields, from contextual clues, from common sense and from classes I took in Belgium when I hung out there for a few months the year before I met John. French is actually really easy, if you put your mind to it. And if I put my mind to spanish I think I could really get it down because it's so close to the french-it's the same way with the italian. Now, I do not speak much of any of these, except the German. And the French if I must. But I can at least make way through the countryside!

Oh, and what did I do at college? Criminal justice-Law Enforcement to be exact. I used to carry a gun wherever I went. Back in the dangerous ol' town of Lynden....