Wednesday, October 1, 2008

proof that God Loves us.

1.)baby bums 2.)Pineapple 3.)family 4.)music 5.)colors 6.)epidurals 7.)autumn 8.)mangoes 9.)friends 10.)cousins 11.)memories 12.)imaginations 13.)immune system 14.)cruise control 15.) seat belts 16.)any kind of fried bread(elephant ears) 17.)Bellingham 18.)Sandpoint 19.)Dishwashers 20.)bridges 21.)tunnels 22.)pockets 23.)zip-lock bags 24.)tan lines 25.)accents 26.)new socks 27.)mugs 28.)AC 29.)internet 30.)icecream 31.)pictures 32.)down comforters 33.)Q-tips 34.)text messeges 35.)Tim Hortens 36.)Assemblies/pep rallies 37.)chick flicks 38.)vintage 39.)voice cracks 40.)seattle 41.)stickers 42.)cous cous 43.)cards 44.)anything in the mail (-bills) 45.)online shopping 46.)Christmas 47.)naps 48.)breezes 49.)soccer 50.)crunchy leaves

there are my 50, no particular order. What is your proof?

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