Monday, November 10, 2008

dontcha wish your family was hot like mine? (dontcha?)

do you have that song stuck in your head now?
My family. Pretty much the coolest people ever. We were able to brought together for hard, sad, reasons (divorce and death) but now are full believers in the saying "everything happens for a reason". We all love each other and I know we would do anything for anyone. We do live in different places and are all at different stages and places in our lives but it doesn't matter, we still laugh and quote movies like we did when we were first melded. So world, here is each member of my family:
Parents(not in picture, duh.): Independently dependent on each other. They both came into their marriage very independent (single parents) and found a way to depend on each other and be one. They are solid.
Ryan: Soft (not fat and fluffy) but a sweet soft, he CARES. He says 'awww' when he sees puppies. Ryan is hilarious and I personally think its so sweet that him and Jenn are so close. I should be putting Capt. in front of his name, because he is also a helicopter pilot. He is great big brother and is honest. And also a goof.
Zach: Moving. Zach is insanely active, hiking, wake boarding, playing with porter. He is also a pilot, which requires a lot of movement. He is so sweet and in love with Jess, and shows it. Zach is a good man. Plus he tans well (pray that your kids get your skin...)
Jess:Tender. She is so sweet, and also very intelligent. She thinks with her head (although she may not get most jokes) but she is educated and I believe she makes informed decisions. I also personally think that her and Nicole Kidman would be great friends; share clothes, travel together and just be the sweet people that they are together. Weird to think that they would be friends? I don't know but I've thought about it lots.
Janell:Vivid. Janell is real. People are always drawn to her for advice, support or love. I believe she is a born leader. Janell is hilarious, and always remembers birthdays. I always wished I had a twin growing up and wallah! I got a sister only 8 months older. I have a lot of fun memories with her during high school, I actually remember one football game when there was a girl looking at Janell all mean like (Janell was cheering) and I had to try really hard to go over there and smack her. Don't mess with my sis k?
Jenn:Aware. Jenn is in-tune with her surroundings. She knows when somethings up with friends or family. An example. She has helped so many people her age and older just by being her. She is gorgeous. Insanely long eye lashes (didn't she win 'best eyes'?) We think very similarly and can talk on the phone for large amounts of time which is rare because I am anti-phone.
Scott:River. He is a go-with-the-flow type of dude, but is actually very strong willed. He and I share the same sense of humor. An amazingly awesome drummer. Has an Afro, and serenaded a girl to ask to homecoming. He drives, which is still weird to me, but he is the epitome of a good little brother. (not little, younger, he is taller than me now.)

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Anonymous said...

Rach that is so sweet. I'm sitting in my office seriously crying right now (big surprise there, huh?!) And, I would LOVE to be best friends with Nicole Kidman haha.

I never believed that everything happens for a reason (fate or destiny) until our parents got married and after our family doubled and I realized how much more complete we are, I know for sure that it's true. I wouldn't even want to imagine how my life would be without you, Scottie, Jenn and your dad in it! And now, going through this all over again with my dad and Sue and Shelby I keep telling myself that someday good will come out of it and I'll realize why this all had to happen now!

Anyways, Love you Rach!