Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it all started this morning

When the Lilster and I were sitting in front of the vent down stairs getting our morning fill of warmth. She was busy sucking on my necklace that is my constant ( be blogged about later) and chirping away and getting my neck and shirt completely soaked in slobber. I sat there and realized how sweet it is.
I get to wake up and play in front of a vent. Aren't I lucky? And after a few more hours I took a nap. Not many people can say they get to do that. After we got home from the gym (Lily loves it now!) I called Chad cause I was thinking about him lots this morning and our conversation went like this:
Me:"Hi Jim!"
Jim:"Jan, I'm in class, whats up?"(in a whispery voice)
Me:"Oh, (now I whisper, even though its not needed) I just wanted to say thanks for asking me to marry you."
Jim: "No problem, I love you."
then we hung up.
We really do have a sweet life. I think I am going to make a yellow cake with great-grandma Schwartz's chocolate frosting in honor of our sweet life:)

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Carly Carlson said...

Seriously love you guys!