Sunday, November 30, 2008


We purged yet again. I LOVE to purge. I am the queen of throwing stuff away.
{If it hasn't been looked at, worn, or used in a months time, it is no longer a member of our home}
We went through our little storage closet again and probably cut at least a 1/3 out of it (yay!). If Chad wasn't around I would have thrown away a bag (a Fred Meyer sized bag) full of pictures...he convinced me that I could scan them all and then throw them all away.
Technology, my pictures owe you a hug.
Chad found his clogs from the mother-land: The Netherlands.
His dad was born there, and there is still family over there. I am little excited (to say the least) to pay them a visit some day.

What I learned at church today:
+when you have ears like Lily, "it means you are going to be generous"...what?
+Chad and I share the same favorite and least favorite child in the nursery
+Chad can fit Lily's whole foot in his mouth
+I have no problem stripping Lily down to her onsie the middle of sacrament meeting and letting her stay that way for the rest of the meetings


Carly Carlson said...

SERIOUSLY need you to help me do this. ;)

Cory, Heather and Isaac said...

Man I still wish you were my neighbor so you could purge your stuff right on over to my house! I'm the queen of keeping things, dontchya know.

The Chad said...

Rach, I feel so lost with you not blogging yesterday and yet today... :(

Mandapanda said...

who is your favorite and least favorite kid in nursery??