Sunday, November 23, 2008

saturday evening lights

This evening we went to the semi final state game, FHS (aka THE Ferndale High School, where Chad once ruled) played Union HS in Vancouver, WA (only bout an hour drive). It was freezing, but honestly fun. We lost in the last 14 seconds when UHS rushed the field goal attempt and ran for a touch down to break the tie. Sad for Chad and the whole town of Ferndale, but kind of nice for me cause it meant dinner was that much sooner:)
Us three.Bad picture, but you get the idea.
Also, do you know what skill is? Its wearing high heals with a baby on your hip (via baby sling) and walking up/down the bleachers like no bodies business. That's what skill is.

She was SUCH a good sport, she was so cold and tired but didn't fuss too badly. When the crowd would cheer she would screech and bounce.

The people around her were ga-ga for her, can you blame them? She's hilarious.

After the game (and traffic) we were taken out to dinner by the Richardsons. Olive Garden has never tasted so good. Thank you again!!


Cory, Heather and Isaac said...

HA! You don't know cold girl...try a high of 42 today. Maybe.

And I like that picture (and quotation) of Lily. FUNNY!

The Jensen Family said...

Took a little trip home for the weekend huh?! Sounds like you had fun and I am totally impressed with your high heel skill.
We'll have to get together after we get back from Thanksgiving.

Tif said...

I miss FHS football games...those were the only ones I really enjoyed. Well, mainly the ones between us and Lynden! Too bad Ferndale lost tonight.

What on earth were you thinking wearing high heels, woman? That is skills! I thought I was having skills blanancing 6o pounds on my hips in heels today at a baptism and then grocery shopping afterwards (both girls were in high-needs mode today) but no way would I be heelin' it on bleachers!

Oh, I've got to get your plate back to you! Which totally means we have to get together again sometime in the not so distant future! Although I'm sort of really diggin''s a rockin' plate...