Thursday, December 11, 2008

got the itch

Chad and I both have the strong urge to cook today. Weird? Yes. Uncommon? No.
we really want to make an apple pie, but we don't have any apples, so instead we will be making:

pumpkin pancakes
nutmeg and Cinnamon syrup (to go with the pumpkin pancakes)
oatmeal (golden, regular ones are plain disgusting) raisin, cranberry cookies
baked sweet potato french fries
veggie burgers (boca are THE best)
garlic mushrooms (to put on the burgers, duh!)

{no we will not be eating these all at once, that would hurt}

I'll let you know how it goes....

Also, say a little prayer for Chad please, his last final is tomorrow and its 3 hour accounting one. BARF.

...and yes I am still in my pajamas. Don't judge.


Tif said...

Dang...I thought you both got the baby itch...

Jeremy Saunders said...

judge? I am jealous! Wish I could have stayed in jammies. And yes, I thought of Kiss that night laying in bed. sounds yummy!