Monday, December 8, 2008


complements of Joy, here are 6 'quirky' things about me:
1.) when ever the clock reads 9:53 I say vocally "zed ninety five point three, ninety five point three, Vancouver!" If you ever lived in Bellingham, Zed 95.3 fm used be the 'cool' radio station. I started saying it when I was in middle school with a friend and now I still do it. Call me crazy, cause I know its true.
2.)When I find a food that I like, I can eat it everyday for months and months at a time. My dad does the same thing. In middle school it was sub sandwiches (with the same thing on it everyday), high school was a certain salad, college was a granola bar in yogurt, now its yogurt, cereal, banana and honey with milk.
3.)I (like Katelyn) treat objects as if they have feelings. If the cups in the back of the cupboard haven't been used as much, I move them be fair?
4.)When putting on my soccer gear, I would put it all on in a certain order. And I didn't wash my socks until we senior year this lasted was smeeeellllllyyyy.
5.)Whenever I go into a bathroom and there is a shower curtain, I check behind the shower curtain before doing anything. To make sure no one is there....paranoid much?
6.)I have to be facing out when sleeping. I usually cuddle with Chad for a bit and then roll over. I think it goes back to being little and watching for the monsters that were trying to sneak up on me.
there you go people, my craziness confirmed.


kaitlyn said...

i think we all are a little crazy!

i definitely do number 5 & 6 too... i love reading these quirky survey things.

i am sure tomorrow at 9:53 i will think of you :)

Natasha Holmquist said...

OHH I do the shower curtain thing too! Ever since I was little. Wouldn't it be wierd if someone scared the poop out of you while you were pooping?

Brianne said...

I'm with you on numbers 5 and 6, sometimes number 3 too. I'm glad I'm not the only one :-).

Jeremy Saunders said...

love these! Now it's Crave 95.3, and whenever it's 10:01, I say hey, it's 10:01 because jeremy was being a dork once when we were first married and said that only happens once a day! and the food thing, I am like that too! Sheesh, what quirky people we are!