Friday, December 12, 2008

Who am I?

guess who I am:
-I love to draw, and knew I was the best in my class.
-When playing pretend I am ALWAYS the dog, "why be human" I ask?(some cousins are still mad at me over it "Aunt Laura, Rachel keeps being a dog!")
-I have a 101 Dalmatians comforter, valance, and wall paper
-During recess I was on the jungle gym tying my sweaters on poles to make "swings" which by the end of recess were tied so tight that they were impossible to remove, so I would leave them there...many were lost.
-my best friend's name is Garth (no I am not Wayne)
-Rescue Rangers, my favorite
-I willingly ate bologna
-Boys are gross. Period. Except Garth.
-wished everyday that I could: a)fly b)have blond hair c)have a pet donkey
-purposefully wore tapered acid wash jeans with different colored socks
-I would ask my mom to go to the grocery store for peaches ("mom, I think we are out of peaches, can you go to the store and get some?") so my favorite baby sitter (Adrianne) would come over.
who am I?....
ME! in second grade.
I found this picture and had to laugh.No, I am not wearing a skirt, those are shorts...what the...?


Tif said...

ahhhh! Love it! I had "shorts" like that...coolats are they called? Probably spelled totally wrong. And I LOVE that art project you've got going on there!

HandsomeRob said...

How do you remember they were shorts and not a skirt!...Too funny! You look so much like Scott in that picture!
I LOVE the picture of your hubby multi-tasking, it is sosososooo.....cute!!

Jessica Kettle said...

H yea people, they're called KOOLOTS (koolats, kulaghts?...). Rach, that is the cutest freaking picture ever. Ahh, it takes me back. And yes I am still upset. Because when you weren't a dog, you were like a bird. Or something else equally non human. WHY did you insist on ruining my games. WHHHHYYYY????!!!

Janice said...

how cute. You look like our little neighbor girl that Hannah loves to play with. How fun!

Caleb said...

I'm an aunt!! Guess what we have a sweet little Lily in our family now too. She was born at 12:06am 8lbs 6oz 21 inches long. She is a beautiful baby, Lily Anne Marie.

Love you guys and miss you! Enjoy Christmas break with your husband.

Love, Hannah

adrianne said...

Do you still need a babysitter? I'd come SO QUICK! LOVE the picture of you. You were so, so cute!

I remember your dalmation phase... sometimes I'd put your food on the floor in a bowl and let you have at it. Maybe that's why you liked me so much.