Saturday, January 16, 2010

somethings missing....

Can you guess?

Its our TV.
I am sick of it.

Last night Chad and I had a talk about the kind of parents we want to be. After the talk, we took the TV away. Its in my closet, retired. Lily woke up:

"bahters?(monsters inc.) Ah gooowwwwnn!! (all gone!)"

We made a trip to Ikea (my heaven remember?) and got Lily the easel, little table with chairs and that rad rug with roads all over it.

No more Nemo, more: playing, coloring, painting, building and learning.

This is going to be tough, I know.
But I know I will definitely not be regretting this decision.
Bring it on.


Andrew and Rachel said...

Good for you!! Too many of my students spend every waking hour at home watching tv or playing video games.

Janice said...

something I've often thought of doing, but didn't have the other 1/2 to back me up. good for you!

Daniel and Belinda said...

I think that's a fabulous idea. Daniel and I did away with our TV just so we can do more things together. It's helped even our relationship, and his studying.