Thursday, March 11, 2010

sweet moments

Sometimes, the stars align and the girls nap at the same time.
And I am able to do this:
<span class=
(from my phone)
Sure, I do have regrets in parenting, but none of them involve holding, humming and whispering my child to sleep.

With Lily, I stressed over doing this, people warned me by doing this "she will never learn to sleep by herself" but that is a lie.
I am glad I did not listen.
Cause these are sweet moments I want to soak up while I can.


The Denney's said...

Thanks for your example! I still get to rock my 3 year old to sleep a lot and I love it, she loves it and she can still sleep on her own too so I completely agree with you on that. The years go by fast so I'm trying to enjoy each and every minute before they are grown up and I can't rock with them any more!

Megan Marie said...

what a sweet picture. i love it.

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

Yeah, that is such a lie!!! I think they even sleep better if they get cuddled a lot.