Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog to read:

You need a good, informative, inspiring, eye-opening blog to read?

Read THIS one.

It is the blog of some good family friends.
Dave is setting up and running a TV station in Kabul, Afghanistan.
I read it and am amazed every time.

Its a great honest, un-sqewed-by-media view into what life is really like over there.

Here is a little clip of a recent post:

"It's going to take a couple of decades or so to recover from the effects of all the fighting in Kabul.. The Soviets were so ruthless--as were the Mujahadine. This week on Kabule Man the show focuses on those who have been disabled from the years of wars. We interview a former General of the Afghan National Army who lost both legs in a mine explosion during the war with the Soviets. He is articulate, still reads a lot--but earns his living as a beggar. He doesn't have any other employment prospects or opportunities, and there is no such thing as a VA hospital (other than hospitals for people who are coming out of surgery). He stays in Kabul for a month at a time and then makes it over to where his family lives some 20 miles away--in his wheel chair--and after visiting, goes back to "work". The plight of the people here--by the hundreds of thousands--is truly heartbreaking. Our job is to give voice to the voiceless."

I love it: "voice to the voiceless".
Read it.
Do it.

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