Saturday, April 10, 2010

P-town market

Portland Saturday's Market. A must.
Basically a outdoor market is my dream: Lots of random stuff, delicious food, very interesting people to talk to (did you know that I love talking to strangers? I really, really do.) And did I mention really good food?
We lucked out too, the weather turned out in our favor.
Like, we took our coats off, so nice.
Pomeranian+didgerioo=my new favorite combination of anything.
Still, really can't get over seeing this.
Our poor slime-faced girl.
We walked by this vendor and I about had a heart attack
(I literally gasped):
Crayon+kitty+purple=Lily's favorite combination of anything.
She demanded "po-po".
So, she got the purple one and did not let this little dream go all day.
Even when we stopped for drinks and a few cupcakes, she sat at the window quietly talking to and showing her kitty the cars driving by.
This little outing made me want to move to Portland even more.

Havent been to the market? Now is the time to repent, and go next weekend. Maybe you'll see me, probably with a pomeranian puppy and didgeridoo eating thai and cup cakes.


Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

I love a good outdoor market! Never been to Portland's but this post made me want to go!
They are so enchanting aren't they! I love the variety of people, food,vendors,craziness, huge homemade cookies and good smelling stuff everywhere....fresh bundles or basil...
I could go on and on.
What a perfect thing.

Tif said...

LOVE Portland's market! Love Portland in general...we could so live there!

Carly said...

i thought those kitty crayons were peeps haha

Bridget said...

We had a blast with you guys today at the Portland market! Glad it worked out and had great weather too!

Anonymous said...

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