Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kitty and Guy

Lily has taught me a lot her whole 2.5 years of life:
  • how to do anything with one hand
  • the secret language of toddler
  • that clothes really are not necessary (this girl is always naked+diaper)
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She has also re-taught me how to play.
We play a lot her and I.

Let me introduce you to "Kitty" and "Guy". I usually play the role of "Guy", and Lily, obviously on so many levels, is "Kitty".

We climb mountains, and then slide down them. We give kisses when we fall. We say prayers. We give time-outs when "Kitty" or "Guy" pushes. We eat oatmeal. We take baths. We go potty. Ride bikes. We walk on Slobber Monster (Eden) and try to escape her ninja grip.

It really is a sacred time playing with these little figures. It's a time I can really teach my little one. We don't go shopping (like my barbies would), or watch movies (like my barbies did). We really play and we really learn.

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The 3 Kjar Bears said...

too adorable for words! Thinking of you 2 playing together makes me smile. And that's awesome that you take advantage of that time to teach her :)

And water paint is an saweet cheap mom trick!! We moms can be pretty tricky eh?? mwahaha ;) Makes me think of when my older brothers would put a little food coloring in water and tell me & my younger sisters it was kool-aid...we drank that stuff like it was going out of favorite "flavor" was pink lemonade. ha!