Sunday, June 20, 2010

what awesome looks like:

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This is lily after she asks for "pwitty hair"
...and I don't know where the bink came from.

She is currently playing a flash card
game with modes of transportation.
She can now identify and say:
segway, stealth bomber, rickshaw,
and tandem bicycle just to name a few.

God bless the iphone.


adrianne said...

i think this is one of my favorite pictures you've ever put on here. LOVE it!

i am going to email you back one of these days and tell you about kentucky life. let's just say.... interesting. :)

Meredith said...

rad!! um, so i found a brown pair of leggings... yours?? how about a plastic bone and a little plastic guy?? and i believe the little plastic container is your cheerio thing??? Let me know and we'll send them your way.

Steve and Shauna said...

I love everything about this picture. She is hilarious.

HandsomeRob said...

SO CUTE, almost as cute as Chad doing Lily's hair!