Saturday, July 10, 2010

cheap mom trick #13

paint something wonderful
and give it to your neighbor
{pictures from my iphone}
Use different mediums of paint. Today we used water color. I love water colors, did you know I painted once in my life, and one of my watercolors was once upon a time in the Bellingham tiny art museum? True story.

Any who, this fabulous original piece is of "kitty and shoes".
I love it, worth millions to me.
Lily is so proud. We put it in a glass frame thingy we already had and are going to give it to our neighbors "Nana and Guy" when they get home! We are excited.

I like this idea because it lets your child:
  1. be creative
  2. be proud of their work
  3. learn the joy of gift giving
  4. get covered in paint
{if you don't have extra frames laying around,
keep your eye out at garage sales, and thrift stores}

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