Thursday, July 1, 2010

holy place

Yesterday I went to the Portland Temple.
The day before Chad went, we took turns with the girlies.
I walked in and couldn't stop smiling,
and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was there.
To me the temple is a place of happiness and peace.
I left this sacred place with more confirmation that I am in the Lord's hands,
I was reminded of my divine heritage and divine potential, and I truly felt the love of the Savior.
Then I drove the 40 minutes back to my sweet little family in our bungalow.
Chad and I aren't perfect, and our girls can be crazy at times, but we try hard to make our home wherever it may be, a temple.

We make a serious effort to pray as a family, to read scriptures as a family. To listen, read and watch only things that are wholesome. We point out our blessings to each other and are grateful together.

We work hard at making our home a place of peace and happiness.
We want it to be a place where people can come over and feel our love and Christ's love for them.

This is what we consistently work at, and this is why I am happy.


Vashti said...

What a wonderful post! Did you take those pictures of the temple? They look so good!

Rach said...

Yeah I did take them, thanks!

And also with the tomato soup, the brand is Pacific Natural Foods, organic creamy tomato. It's so good! We got it at Fred meyer. I have my grandmas recipe I need to try out, if it's any good, I'll post it!