Sunday, July 4, 2010

two things that made my day happy:

  1. Eating cherries for linner.
  2. Picking these beautiful flowers in the alley behind our bungalow and putting them in a pickle jar.
Chad and I recently made a big decision regarding our future.
To everyone it seems like we are taking crazy pills.
that we are ODing on crazy pills.
But we know in our hearts it is what we and the Lord wants.
It's just scary.
I'll be more specific soon,
but for now, know that I know the Lord will provide, but I'm human and am nervous.

Have you ever done something like this?
Have you ever been so sure of something but yet so scared at the same time?
How do you find strength? How did it turn out?


Sara Richins said...

For us, not getting an internship and instead having Steve go to grad school. Kids number 3 and 4. Taking the job in Portland. Staying in Logan for 9 months after graduation to A, have baby 4 and B, not have to move because we had no money. That was the biggest one. Steve lost is job 3 times in '09. We were poor as poor could be, we were having a baby and just knew that things would be better once we moved to Portland.
Now we are here. Things are better. (Still poor and struggling), but still feel good. We're ready to move ahead with our growing family (we finally felt like it's the right time for baby number 5) and just know that things are going to be looking up just around the corner!
That doesn't mean I still get scared. Especially when I listen to family that just doesn't get it. They look at our situation and think, really?
Hang in there. The only thing that matters is what you, Chad and the Lord want. As long as you follow the Lord's path, it's easier to tell yourself, and others, that you are doing what is best for you and your family. Even if it is crazy!

Carly said...

You mean like shem quitting his full time job in an uncertain economy so we could move to a rural town with no prospects for him, but the hope that my photography would provide for us? Only to arrive with work scheduled before we'd even gotten here (mind you we made the move in january of all times... shoots scheduled in january? unheard of...) and to only live w/ my parents for 3 months??... this is what i've learned. the Lord provides, just like you said, and it's hard and makes no sense sometimes and then all the sudden it does, and you realize what all the trials were for and you come out all right. somehow, it all works out. He'll never leave you unable to do His will and that's all that matters.
I'd say good luck but I know you guys don't need it! You are following the Spirit, you'll be just fine. :)

Kari said...

Following inspiration is not crazy pills... as for us... all the best things that have happened to us started with big seemingly terribly risky decisions that were the exact right thing to do. Getting engaged without ever having dated... Cori quitting his job at the MTC to try and qualify for a translating training program (hugest blessing), deciding to try for Lilly when Havah was barely 10 months old. Moving in with my family after my mom died... the house we bought.
It's all worked out in beautiful ways we never could have imagined or understood from the inspiration stage. You make sure you're sure it's the Lord's will, you go and do, and the Lord provides the way.

When we don't make those 'risky' moves, that's when life really gets hard. I know that's true.

Bonnie said...

Oh please! We just made the decision to move clear out to Chicago to do summer sales, we were SURE that it was what the Lord wanted us to do. But here we are now in Bellingham living with my parents.... I know the Lord has a plan in store for all of us, it is a little nerve racking. But Faith is the key.

Becca said...

Can't wait to hear your big news, Rach. I think sometimes (for me) it is hard to listen to what other people have to say about my life. I have to consciously remind myself that what others think does not ultimately matter. As long as you do what is right, then all will work out.

Right now, I'm still kind of waiting for things to work out. I feel like this year has been somewhat of a bummer in regards to the plans and dreams that we've had. However, I am not feeling distraught or down in the dumps because I know somewhere along the line it will all work out.