Sunday, August 22, 2010

the return

Tonight we had friends over for dinner (like we ate spaghetti, we didn't literally have THEM for dinner), then Chad left for a church meeting and I was alone with the girls in my own house.
For the first time in a LONG time (well over a month).

I'm back.
I feel like I have been missing almost, like, I forgot how to be a mom the past few weeks in all this crazy transitioness.
But tonight I remembered who I am, and who my kids are.
It's so sweet.

Tonight we got the house a into a big mess (still need to pick up),
I was a bad mom and (see above picture):didn't take the dice immediately out of her mouth, or wash the frosting off her face, or fix that hair, or pull Eden out from behind the toilet fast enough.

But I did chase Lily's naked buns all around the house (she is so quick right out of the bath I tell you!), played peek-a-boo with Eden and then put them both down for the night.
And it felt real good.

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Erin_C said...

funny you wrote about this. my husband goes back to school tomorrow and i'm actually feeling a tiny bit . . . excited. like now it will be just me and my girl again doing our thing. though of course I do like the man home ;)