Tuesday, August 10, 2010

we all gotta go.

Finally I have become un-lame and have made a habit of
listening to my eldest daughter talk before she falls asleep.
She loves to just talk, and I love to just listen.

We went to the Portland Zoo before we made the big move,
we saw all sorts of animals there.
But most importantly, we saw a bat, AND and elephant go "poo-poo".
Apparently it STILL blows Lily's mind cause she talks about it all the time. Especially before bed time.

Which makes me wonder,
what does she dream about?

I hope I wont ever forget hearing her funny litle voice telling me over and over, with hands in the air + shrugged shoulders:
"mommy, baby elfant goes poo-poo!".

1 comment:

Vashti said...

Lovin' the bedhead! Olivia's hair gets super crazy ;)