Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today marked a first.
We went to our first real southern BBQ/rad birthday party.
It was amazing.
  • accents
  • smoked food
  • cotton candy
  • swimming
  • bouncy house
  • amazing food
  • new friends that made me feel like family
My favorite part of the day?
When getting some chips and salsa
I hear a little boy behind me:

"does them beans there have bacon in 'em?"
and then another boy
"Hey, momma, where's the slaw?"

Oh how I love it here.


Vashti said...

So awesome!!

The Lusks said...

Gotta love the south!

Southern Belle said...

If you ever get invited to a "low country boil" or "southern boil" you totally have to go! it is my favorite part about the south!! That cotton candy looks amazing, I want to eat it! Oh and Cheyenne has the same shoes as Lilly- so cute!