Saturday, September 11, 2010


today our little fam ventured to the
Greek Festival here in Charlotte.
it was beautiful out.
We walked around in the sun and people watched/chased Lils.
But lets be honest shall we?
the whole reason we went was for the food:
gyro, baklava sundae.
I died, and came back to life.
Even Buzz had fun with us!
I frequently am asked what race I am:
Brazilian? Honduran? Italian? Lebanese? Cuban?
Mexican? Native American?
I get it all.

Chad and I came to the conclusion that I must be Greek.
I seriously looked like everyone there.
Apparently my mom must have had an affair
with a Greek Schwan's man.


Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

So does the whole nation have their Greek festival on the same weekend?? Ours was this weekend too!!
Glad you liked the crepes. I would love, love, love to cook(shop,hang out...) with you sometime when you are in town!!

Emma said...

Baklava Sundae....AHHHHH!!! I want one! And yes, those gyros- fantastic.

JMay said...

This looks like a blast. Greek food is one of my favs :-)