Tuesday, October 12, 2010

elbow pits

I liked today because:
  • I got pointed at. A lot.
  • Lily put deodorant on my elbow pits for me.
  • With our powers combined, the four of us drank a whole thing of pumpkin eggnog.
  • It's October 12th, and it was 85 today.
  • I am officially done nursing today!


Kristine said...

I'm trying to get Robert weaned now, but he's resisting. We're down to twice a day - morning and night. I'm not sure how to get him converted to sippie cups... but we keep trying.

Courtney B. said...

Your blog inspires me to notice the little BIG blessings in my own life :) Love your blog!

Emma said...

woo hoo!! No more nursing! Bitter sweet time but at least your little Eden is a bit of a cuddler :).