Thursday, October 21, 2010

halloween card idea for ya'll

Last year, on Halloween I was kicking myself because it was a little too late to mail out a Halloween card to our family.
So this year, I repented.

  1. I took a picture of our girls in their skeleton jammies (I am sure my mom is rolling over in her grave by the fact her grand daughters are not wearing homemade costumes).
  2. Up loaded the picture into my Photobucket account. (really easy to make an account, just need email and password to store your photos online for free!)
  3. Once the picture is uploaded, I clicked on "edit"-which is in the top left coner of the picture when you hold your mouse over the picture.
  4. Then there are lots of options in editing, look at the tabs on top. There is one tab labled: "effects". click it.
  5. Then you see a row above your picture of effects you can put on your picture, I chose "old photo" the last one on the left. And it made the spooky old photo look for our halloween card.
  6. Then I clicked on the tab above labeled:"decorate" and added text. (I actually added text on photoshop, just cause I liked this font better)
  7. Wallah! Halloween card, that requires basically no artistic skill.
I printed 30 out for about $5 to mail to family
and give to a few friends.

Happy early Halloween!


Traci said...

This is a great idea! I have a few family members I have to write to anyways (My grandma doesn't do computers). Right after naptime, I'm going to wake Kaden up, dress him in his cowboy costume and take some adorable pictures outside.

PS I hope you get to feeling better!

The Jensen Family said...

Super cute. You are so creative and amazing.
Hope you feel better soon.