Wednesday, October 6, 2010


lately I have been getting my serious craft on after the girls go down for the night.
Chad job hunts, I create.
Mostly I make hair clippies for my girls and our friends, but I made this head band last night for me and I kinda like it lots.

I do not claim this idea as my own, I saw it once on a design blog a long time ago...but forgot where (oops!).

All it is, is two braids of fabric about 12ish inches long, hot-glued to a piece of elastic about 5 inches long.
And BAM! A head band that requires zero skill.
...Looks like this:
(that picture is just for you Krista!;)


Krista & Tyler said...

haha maybe you'll have to give me a little more direction than that. I would love to make one.
ps: i'm thinking about getting bangs - how do you like yours?!

Krista & Tyler said...

haha you are a doll!!! you knew I'd be checking!!! haha Thanks! I think I'm going to make one this weekend!