Sunday, November 14, 2010

birthday party

Last night, I cried.
"This is hard." I told Chad. 
These whole 84 hour work weeks are intense, 
for all four of us (it's not that much different than grad school life).
Chad comes home so beat...only to go back at it in a matter of hours, I'm so tired from non-stop crying sick kids, and the girls are just exhausted.
I told Chad that I'm ready for the next stage in life already.

After talking, and praying together I realized (or I should say, listened to the small whisper in my heart)that waiting for the next stage in life to be better is just plain stupid. Sure, maybe there won't be 84 hour work weeks and really congested babies, but there will be something different. There will always be something.

I realized it's up to me. 
It's up to me to make the best of what I am given.
I should never, ever, wait to be happy and have fun.

So today, we had a birthday party. Cause it is rather silly to only celebrate being born on your date of birth don't you think?

It was an all day production, so we would be ready for a party when Chad got home.
 We all wore hats,
 Lily is obsessed with the fact that she knows how to use scissors. So we cut up news paper, scrapbook paper, books, and magazines to make some pretty sweet birthday decor.
We picked leaves from outside and made an "arrangement",
we sang "happy birthday" at least five times and we made dang good cake(...which is half gone now). Complete with candles made of popsicle sticks and yellow paper flames...since we didn't have real candles.

I found myself smiling a lot more today. I was mixing the cake in a big bowl on my hip while watching Lily play in front of our window with leaves flowing, and got teary-eyed. How silly I was to want something different, to skip all this. 

It is up to me.
And it is so good.


Emma said...

I'm crying with you- this stage of life does suck for the both of us, but heck, might as well go for the ride. Thank you for making me smile today with your colorful birthday party- you and Chad are awesome. Stay strong girl.

Miriam Lusk said...

Thanks for sharing. I think I needed this today. We should start a support group for moms whose husbands work too hard. Love your decor! So creative and super cute.

Haley K said...

okay, so i'm pretty sure i'm love with this whole any-day-of-the-year-birthday-party concept....and your decor! What an awesome garland hanging on your chandelier in your darling kitchen!! Thanks for being so upbeat, it's contagious :)

Haley K said...

PS - would you pretty please post the recipe for the cake? what kind was it? :)

Janice said...

you are just too dang cute. Why couldn't you have been around when I was a young mother and needing these pep talks? what am I talking about? I still need them. Can I join your support group?:)

Megan Marie said...

You are my hero. Thanks for the email, and I do want red hair again, now! :)

Brandon and Jennifer said...

"Happiness is a mood not a destination." :o)This quote helps me when I feel like I'm ready for the next stage...