Sunday, November 21, 2010

drive by

Does anyone else get to church sweaty?
Its always a crazy tornado of crying kids, and me remembering a zillion last minute things we need to bring/do for church.

This morning was no exception, and I paused for approximately 20 seconds and documented our tornado with these very grainy pictures.

They crack me up. I don't remember what Lily was mad/sad about, and Eden is just chomping away at what should be on Lily's face and I have kid snot all over my skirt from their constant drive-by-nose-whipes. 
It's always crazy, but its definitely worth it.


Diana Smith said...

I do with my baby! But not today cause it was snowwwwing! Ugh I am not looking forward to this Winter!

Vashti said...

I know! No matter how much I prepare or how early I got myself ready, before I know it we are 10 minutes late!

Steve & Shauna said...

oh this is too funny! I'm so glad you document stuff like this. It's better to remember the good and rough times :) Looking forward to this! ha.

oh and yeah Steve and I had some change of plans, he decided to apply to law school! woah. So since he can't start school for a year anyway he decided to stick around and prepare for the LSAT here with some extra classes. So I'll still finish in December but we'll both walk in April.