Friday, November 12, 2010


This pictures show exactly how the past few days have been:
Both girls are miserable.
  • All Eden wants: grapes, to be held, and to play with my phone.
  • All Lily wants: watch movies and eat crackers.
  • ALl I want: sleep, and my husband

Hard to watch your kids be miserable. Waking up at night+fevers+  plugged up noses+coughing = such a bummer.

Chad is now working 7 12's...thats 84 hours a week folks (and now he has to have the car).
To say I am tired, is an understatement.

But I know this too shall pass, and I am getting some good cuddles in with the girls which is always awesome.

Do you have sick kids? How are you holding up?


Becca said...

Sorry to hear your kids are not feeling well. That has been the past couple of weeks for us. Camden is back on the nebulizer (seasonal asthma maybe?), mason has had an ear infection plus teething. Tyler has been gone or working almost all day. And mason hasn't been sleeping at nights.

Southern Belle said...

holy cow!! Why does he have to work so much? I hope he is getting some sort of overtime compensation!!

Rach said...

oh, he gets time and a's crazytown but this job helps our plan: to be out of debt (hellooooo student loans) as soon as possible.

Megan Marie said...

rach, you are a rock. i know that saying things like "it was a hard day" are such understatements for life without a husband around to help and sick pups. don't lose hope. you can do hard things(just look at your track record). love and miss you. talked about you like 8 times today.