Sunday, November 7, 2010

rach's ridiculously easy headband tutorial

Well here you are my friends. 
My 'how to' for my no-skill headband.
Pictures are not perfect...but that's what you get when you are feeding your 1 year old cheerios in your lap, and answering a million "why" questions from your toddler, AND taking pictures AND making a headband. 

Enough talk. 
Whatcha need*:

  1. insert elastic between fabric and felt, glue
  2. put a little dot of glue in the center, and then...
  3. fold over the edges and hold it might be a little hot, so maybe don't burn yourself like me and get a pen or something to hold it down?

A headband.

(*disclaimer: all measurements are approximate...I never measure, in cooking or crafting, so make it your own!)


Krista & Tyler said...

I wonder if I could use interfacing instead of felt, b/c I currently own no amount of felt - boo. What do you think!? I think I might....

ps: THANK YOU for the tutorial :) I'm way jazzed to do this tomorrow!

richelle jean said...

i LOVE this! thanks for sharing. your blog is awesome!