Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I  know I have talked about how hard being a  mom can be blah blah blah.
But honestly, I am speechless with gratitude that I am able to be home and do this stuff with my ragamuffins.

Chad works so hard so I can play all day.
I really can not think of any other words to say, other than,
I love this.


Justine said...

You truly have your hands full with those two girls! I'm glad that you get to enjoy them everyday!

Meghan said...

I am not a mom yet, but I work with children that range between the ages of both of your girls. Its a tough job and I am exhausted at the end of every day. The difference is that I get to go home and not have kids, so I can only imagine how exhausted you get. But its probably also the most rewarding thing ever. I know that even though my job is soo tiring, I LOVE it and feel so lucky that I get to hang out with babies and toddlers ALL day.