Tuesday, November 23, 2010

top ten why I heart Charlotte

  1. being called: "baby", "suga", "honey" and my favorite, "baby girl" by strangers
  2. my kids (well, Lily is the only one who speaks) call most adults Mr. and Miss now with out being asked
  3. grits+cheese
  4. going to a store and being a minority
  5. Cookout shakes (carmel cheesecake+snickers, please)
  6. how long autumn hangs around
  7. cheerwine...the best pop ever.
  8. accents so thick I just smile and nod
  9. NASCAR fanatics 
  10. we drove around with our windows down, in 70 degree weather today (and its Thanksgiving-Eve-Eve!)
But I wont lie. You can literally marry your FIRST COUSIN here and it's totally legal. 


Carly said...

re: first cousin nuptials. EW! hahahahaha love that southern charm!

Joseph and Katie said...

this is lindsay bowerman's little sister....

i just had to laugh because my husband is from NC (winston-salem, born and raised) and he LOVES his cookout shakes and cheerwine is his very favorite soda ever. (i will agree that they are pretty great!) we literally get cases of it every time we visit or someone comes to visit us. and then it is rationed for as long as possible.

glad to see you guys like NC- it is SO beautiful there!

Haley K said...

Those are 10 very good things indeed :) Makes me so happy you guys are loving it out there! And Cookout looks like a tasty place for sure...I'd order a chocolate malt-oreo-peanut butter shake, mmmmmMmm :)

Erin_C said...

awwww . . . you're making me miss tennessee. expecially the 70 degree weather.

when I was pregnant people would literally yell from across a road or parking lot "God bless you!"

Diana Smith said...

Really cute pic of you and your hubby! I have never lived in the South, but it seems like it would be really nice to be called honey and sugar by strangers haha

Mishali said...

after living in mississippi for a while, i can totally appreciate your love for charlotte! there is just something about that southern charm that is attractive to most who have the chance to experience it! i'm loving all your posts because it's giving me a little taste of something i loved!

Becca said...

i'm laughing so hard about lily being in her underwear in the above post. we're in preston. it's like 0 degrees outside. no joke. it's beyond freezing.