Friday, December 3, 2010

check list:

I have a series of questions I go through if I'm feeling overwhelmed and bummed:

  • Did I refrain from sugar? 
  • Did I go to bed on time?
  • Have I read scriptures?
  • Have I had adult interaction?
  • Have I been physically active?
  • Is the house relatively tidy?
  • Have I made something with my hands?(bread, headband, my bed...)

I ask these, and typically, if there is "no" answer, that is my problem.

I finally figured this out.
And honestly, now that I narrowed my list down to these questions, I am a new woman.
Life is really good when balanced.


Krista & Tyler said...

Rach, you're awesome. I love how you are committed to simplicity. It really makes the world go round. Loved your post. Thanks!

Diana Smith said...

I needed to read those questions. I answered no to each one and am a bit frazzled this morning. I will admit I have already thrown my own tantrum haha but you are right, we can't just expect our lives to be perfect, we need to do our part!

Michelle said...

Rach, how come your email address doesn't work??