Thursday, December 9, 2010

get your match on

Its cold out. Like, I checked the weather this morning and its colder here than it is in Rexburg ID, AKA Narnia, (you know, always winter but never Christmas). And that is just wrong. Needless to say, we haven't really been outside much.
My bag of tricks is shrinking. 
I don't want my kids to watch movies all day...
but how many times can we play hide-and-seek before we all go crazy?
So this morning we made a matching puzzle out of a random box and a cheerio box.
How did we do it?
  1. cut out shapes from the cheerio box (thinner cardboard, so my hand wouldn't die trying to cut out all of them)
  2. trace shapes on box 
  3. get your match on!

Now we just need to paint the shapes and it will be even more exciting.


Carly said...

such a great idea woman!! love it.

Haley K said...

LOL oh i giggled when you compared Rexburg to And your matching game is an awesome idea! and green/earth friendly (yay for must be the NW girls in us :) I also like the idea of playing with it in it's natural form, then painting it so it's like a whole new toy!

Megan Marie said...

gooooooood idea!