Thursday, December 2, 2010

it's that time of year!, part 1

I have a sneaky feeling we are not the 
only ones "tight" this Christmas.
And my tight, I don't mean awesome. 
Although, we are awesome.

Our Christmas decor has to be 100% 
from what we already have.
AKA: recycling bin, craft box, yard debris

I plan on sharing what we are making. 
Our first project was our "tinsel strips" 
 cut long strips of news paper (or your junk mail like me!),
and snip them so they are frayed.
 tape the long strips together and then crinkle them.
Hang them on the tree!
(preferably with a wedgie in your "magical-yeyow-swim-suit!!!!")
....More to come my cheap friends!


Bonnie said...

I love how she is decorating for Christmas in a swimsuit! cute. Yes we are also on a tight budget this year. All I can say is thank goodness for Grandparents :) It will be one we will remember for years to come. These are the special times where we remember who this holiday is really about. Love you guys!

kaitlyn said...

i love her butt!

ps great idea!

we only have candy canes on our tree... so we will be checking this out. esp. since half of them are already broken!

Steve & Shauna said...

haha yes!! Swimsuit wedgies are my fav. And her little butt is just adorable! Plus, awesome decor ideas. Those are always my favorite type of christmas trees.

ps. have i told you that I love how you post so often?.....well i do.

Megan Marie said...


i love me a good wedgie.