Tuesday, December 21, 2010

poinsettia pin

My white shirt needed some festive pop. 
And I dont mean punch spilled on my shirt, I mean a huge poinsettia pin!
I grabbed these fake poinsettia bouquets for free at a stuff swap at church...I just knew they had potential.
So this morning, I made a pin, here's how I did it:
 "momma had a baby and its head popped off"...please tell me Im not the only one who said this with dandelions in second grade? Anyways, just pop the flower off the stem.
 Take it apart. Remove the spacers that are in between the petals.
 Put the petals back on, and snip off the extra stem.
Glue to some felt, and then glue on a safety pin.
A big poinsettia pin. Its huge, and fake, and could be worn to a tacky sweater party, but I like it. 
Makes me fell a little more Christmas-y.

(bad picture quality compliments of my phone)

1 comment:

Haley K said...

i dig it :) And it goes perfect with your B&W striped skirt!

PS - loved the longbarding pic in the last post :)

PPS - you are one talented super mom...loved the jungle-gym-mom post!