Thursday, January 20, 2011


So we are off in a few hours for a long weekend in Atlanta, GA!

{Drew and I freshman year at BYUI. We had just gotten in a really bad car accident, in fact you can see Drew's "armor" AKA huge back brace poking out his shirt. We are so dressed up as super heros to go see the incredibles...and I'm pretty sure Drew was still loopy from all the pain meds he was on}

I am so excited. We are staying with some old friends from back home, and also meeting up with Drew! He and I have managed to stay in contact over the years and I am SO excited to finally meet his beautiful wife and for them to meet our kids. 

I had the sweetest new e-friend email me tips last time I was in DC, so helpful!
So I'll ask again, too! Anyone have any favorite places/things-to-do in Atlanta area-ish?
Let me know, K?


Haley said...

how fun to see an old friend & make a new one! I've never been to Georgia...but I'd say be sure to get some peach jam!! or peach anything =) The fresh ones aren't in season right? Well, have a blast and be safe Rach!

Renee said...

Have fun!!

k said...

aw have fun! i have sadly never been there :(

Bethany, Scott, and family said...

We haven't gotten down to Atlanta. But I think I've heard they have a pretty good aquarium. But, anyway, if you come back up through Charleston, SC come and stop by and say hi!! I'm sure both of our Lilys would have a blast!!