Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Lily: "Mommy, (deep inhale) I'm so happy."
Me: "Really? Oh that makes me so happy, that you're so happy."
Lily: "I'm so miraful (beautiful)."
Me: "You are sooooo beautiful Lily. You are the most beautiful."
Lily: "You're miraful too mommy."
Hugs all around.
Lily got me thinking this morning after our conversation.
How am I beautiful? I started making a mental list of all things that make me feel beautiful.

  • going on dates with Chad, and knowing he adores me
  • treating my body with respect (eating right, exercising, enough sleep...)
  • feeling spiritual promptings
  • the fact that I can, and have produced life
  • wearing something that compliments who I am
  • accomplishing goals

I ran through my list, and realized, what makes me feel beautiful, are the same things that make me happy.

happiness = beauty

Have you met an ugly, genuinely happy person? Nope.
this realization was good for me. I don't need that striped skirt that I want to be beautiful, I don't need to be a certain size to be beautiful. I know how to be beautiful, because I know how to be happy.

What makes you feel beautiful?


Krystal said...

These are great words!!

Southern Belle said...

Hey I tried to call you back but it said your phone wasn't accepting calls or something like that... that would be great for you to come tomorrow:) I have to leave for a Primary Leadership meeting thing at 6:30, and I have no idea how long it lasts, but Jeff and the girls will be home during that time. I will be here when you get here too:)

P.S. I love this post:)

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

very true!

Celeste said...

Alright, alright that's it! I'm comin' out of the stalker-zone. This post is awesome. I'm jessica kettles friend, and now I'm yours. Cuz you're cool. And I love your blog. That is all.

Shalyn said...

So true, lady and beautifully put!Doing the right things as far as the gospel goes makes me feel beautiful. And wearing sweats and my husband telling me im beautiful makes me really, truly feel beautiful. You are very miraful:-)

Jeremy Saunders said...

Oh I think you are so right on! Most of my students always tell me I am beautiful and I think it is because I genuinely love being around and am happy around them--you nailed it!
keep em coming, love reading your posts even if I dont have time to always comment!

Haley K said...

Rachel...I loved this. I absolutely think the things you listed are what make a woman have TRUE beauty :)